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February 2, 2015

3 Tips to Overcome Barriers to Strategic Virtual Team Planning

Strategic Planning

As teams are increasingly becoming more virtual, the importance of strategic planning is stronger than ever for entrepreneurs and project managers alike. It is important for them to be aware of obstacles they will run into, and how to overcome the barriers to strategic virtual team planning.


Create a Game Plan with a Vision

When it comes to creating a roadmap to success, there aren’t any cookie-cutter solutions that can work for all companies. Your game plan will have to consist of a framework that factors different industries, companies, and demographics. A vision needs to be established of what success would look like for the team(s) as a whole. This will help drive the creation of the game plan.


Engage Stakeholders

Since strategic planning initiatives need to be aligned with long and short-term business plans, it’s important to have stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. These stakeholders could be anyone from board members, to sponsors, to trusted advisors. Make sure they have a large say in matters such as finances and support. Work with them in identifying key roles that need to be added to your strategic planning initiatives, and discuss how they will drive the direction of the business.


Identify Internal Support, and Define Deliverables

Identify the right talent internally that would be best to support different initiatives. As we have mentioned in the past, many team members will be able to contribute in ways outside of their job description. Make a list of desirable skills that will help meet goals, such as design or analytic capabilities.

While you’re at it, define deliverables on the part of both team members, and stakeholders. By outlining the expectations of all parties involved from the start, it will be easier to drive conversations regarding the direction of the business.