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June 10, 2013

4 Cool Apps That Will Make Your Office Life Better, In A Fun Way.


Noon and you are at work. You’ve had lunch and now you’re back at your desk you find the pile of papers you were glad to run away from an hour earlier. The sugar rush from the cookie you snacked on the way back is starting to fade and you’re feeling tired. Here are 4 apps that will cost 5 minutes of your time, but get you energized and focused for the last couple of hours at the office. You will thank us!

1. Any.Do – Be organized, prepared and on top of things – these are things we tell ourselves every day at work, no matter how much we do it right. A little help is always useful especially if it comes in a clean and beautiful layout such as Any.Do’s. This app is a fantastic way to manage your tasks. You will be greeted with a simple list broken into four sections: Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Someday. Creating a task is easy and intuitive. Didn’t finish a task today? Simply move it to tomorrow (but don’t do it too often!). Feeling too lazy to start writing your list of to do’s? Set a time and the app will remind you to “Take a moment and plan your day”.

anydo anydo2

 2. Sworkit– You don’t need a large office space, just enough room to squeeze in a couple exercises . Sworkit will give you a little blood rush and eventually those abs you’ve always dreamt of. This app provides randomized circuit training workouts. You can select a 5 min length workout, choose the type and which part of the body to tackle or type of flexibility routine. Every move only requires your bodyweight, so you don’t need extra equipment. Soon your colleagues will join you and the “spiderman push up“ might be the next big hit at your office.

 sworkit2 sworkit

3. Fancy – Gadgets of all kinds make us happy, they ease our stress by occupying us with something different, and ultimately can make us get more stuff done. On the Fancy App you can find nearly anything you need to make your workspace a fun and inspiring environment – cool paperweights, a table clip cup holder and even a waste processor that generates artistic pencils from scrap paper. Spare 5 minutes to browse and find something refreshing for you or your co-workers and get back to work feeling cheerful. A moss covered keyboard could definitely add to your typing experience!

fancy2 fancy

4. Text’nDrive – If for some reason you’re in an epic battle against distraction – you need something to help you fight back. Although originally meant for driving, the Text’nDrive App can be useful for the hard office hours. Connect the app to your e-mail account and it will routinely check your messages, reading aloud (or via headset, if you don’t want your colleagues to get distracted). Listening requires a whole lot of concentration so think of it as a mini meditation, but try not to fall asleep. Surely after 4 emails you will be in Zen to get back to your missions.

 textndrive2 textndrive

Have other apps that we could all use? Comment here!