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August 18, 2013

5 Great Ways To Boost Your Team’s Motivation When Working Remotely


When working with a remote team, it’s not always easy to tell what the members of the team are feeling during their workday. Communication is the ultimate solution to solving difficulties, but there are a few other things you can do to put a smile on their faces and get them motivated and ready to work hard. Happy and motivated workers means more productivity and creativity.

Whether your team is a sales team, a design team, a marketing team or any other type, coming up with ideas and creative solutions to problems is an important part of their work and what makes them successful. Whatever your team members are experiencing might affect their motivation and creativity. They might be having an amazingly productive day but they might also be struggling with clients, ideas or other missions. Working too hard, lack of sleep and stress can cause creative blockage . We thought up 5 original motivation boosters for you.



1. A Mini Mid-Work-Day Treat – If your teammates are working in the same town then you can ask them to meet at a park or a garden in the middle of their work day.  Tell everybody to bring a snack and have a quick lunch in nature. You can also meet them at a gallery for a brief art exploration, schedule a yoga class or tell them to meet at a nice observation point or a high building to catch a view of the city. If your team members are spread in different places, help them create a habit of doing a mid-work-day activity once a week. Send a message reminding them to do something fun for themselves during work hours. Encourage them to share it  with the rest of the team. They will surely be grateful for a little escape from reality and get back to work refreshed and energized.

2. A Weekly Team Activity – Decide on a specific day to do an original work-related team activity and ask your team to think of activities that can contribute to their professional development. Examples could be a tour at a company that is relevant to your workspace, finding an interesting conference to attend or watching a fun motivational movie. If your team can’t meet on a weekly basis try to arrange this activity every month, schedule it in advance and have your team travel to one place where they can all meet together. This will strengthen your team’s spirit and inspire their creativity.


 3. A Surprise Email – Your team members receive tons of work emails every day. Choose a different day every now and then and send them an indulging email. This could be a cool work gadget that they will receive via mail (it doesn’t have to be an expensive one, the intention is what matters here), movie tickets, discount coupons for different things or a new iTunes album. A gesture like this will focus their attention on something positive that is happening to them instead of their problems. When their minds are positive they will be more motivated and in the right frame of mind to generate great ideas.

 4. A No-Alarm-Clock-Day – Sometimes lack of motivation can be due to a lack of sleep. One of the reasons for a lack of sleep can be stress at work. Once in a while let your team start their work day later than usual.  If your people are totally morning folks and don’t want to wake up late, let them choose a special time for a nap during their work day, once a week. This can give them a fresh perspective on their work and reset their motivation levels. It is a cycle – they will be less stressed and get more things done because they sleep better and they will sleep better because they get more done.

5. Share-Your-Personal-Work-Life Diary – Your team members might not always know what the other people on their team are up to. Getting your team to share everyday work experiences might help them solve a lot of issues they think no one else besides them is dealing with.  Get them to share their personal work stories in a different way. Create a secret hashtag on Instagram or make a shared Pinterest board and have them share their work life as photos or creative text. Eventually they will have an inspirational collage made from everybody’s work experiences (check out this inspiring team board on Pinterest by the Happy Cog team). This type of social activity might be exactly what they need to engage with each other and keep the motivation high.

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Have other creative ideas to boost motivation? Please share them with us and with our readers!