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June 23, 2015

9 Ways To Get Your Voice Heard

Voice heard

Is it easy for you to express yourself in one-to-one discussions, but trickier in group settings? Have great thoughts in your mind, but face difficulty speaking up to get your point of view across? It’s okay, it happens to the best of us in work, school, and social gatherings.

There isn’t an easy way to flip the switch to instantly be comfortable in these scenarios, but we do have a few tips we can offer. These 9 tips will help make it easier for you to get your voice heard, with minimal effort or change on your end.

  1. Start with an internal disclosure

    “In all honestly, I find your case intimidating. This is why I feel we should XYZ.”

  2. Begin with a signal

    “I just have one question. How are we supposed to XYZ?”

  3. Offer suggestions as questions

    “How about we hire a new team member?”
    “Could we have someone look this over before sending it out?”

  4. Ask for ideas

    “Since we agree that Project A would be the best fit, what would be the ideal first step?”

  5. Support and build on ideas

    “Great idea John! And to add to that, maybe we could also…”

  6. State differences

    “That may not be the best idea because XYZ. Maybe 123 would be a better approach.”

  7. Seek clarifications

    “How does that fit into the vision?”
    “Considering XYZ, what is your view on 123?”

  8. Demonstrate understanding

    “You mentioned XYZ is important. Does that mean 123 would be a desired outcome?”

  9. Summarize what was shared

    “So based on the ideas outlined in the video, the best course of action would be XYZ, correct?”