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December 24, 2014

Business Messaging Team of the Week: Deeplink

Deeplink Logo

Business messaging is handled differently by teams across all industries. For this week’s “Team of the Week,” we decided to feature DeepLink.Me.

DeepLink is a service that makes pages within apps link-able and accessible with deep links. Deep links are URLs for the inside of your app. This allows users to essentially tap between app links as they do with hyperlinks on the web. Deep links come in very handy when users are at-risk and need to be re-engaged. In addition to this basic service, DeepLink offers robust analytics to track the performance of links, and the value being created.

We got in touch with the COO of DeepLink, Avi Elias. He gave us a glimpse to how his team tackles business messaging.

Business Messaging and Team Collaboration with DeepLink

  1. Please give us some background information about DeepLink.
    We are the largest deeplinking platform for mobile apps.
  2. What were your needs in business communication in the very beginning?
    In the very beginning it was the standard email, sms, Whatsapp, etc. Later we moved into Trello and other tools. 
  3. Which aspect of business communication generally annoys you the most, and why?
    Email overload and accountability. Knowing that someone received a message isn’t enough. Knowing when their task will be completed or its status towards completion is. 
  4. Do you have employees (or freelancers) that work remotely? How do you all communicate?
    Yes we do. We use the phone, hangouts, Slack. 
  5. What are the pros and cons of team collaboration via the web/mobile devices, versus in-person?
    In-person is limiting, schedules don’t always coincide.
    In Different times zones, email, hangouts, Skype, and other tools allow you to be more productive. 
  6. How can the cons from answer #6 be fixed?
    If there was a way to put a time on the required actionable item to be done, it could produce a more rapid result. 
  7. How is leadership over virtual teams different from teams on-site?
    There is no way to replace the dynamic of in-person communication and interaction, virtual teams are the ones that need tools that make up for the downside of being distributed. 
  8. Do you have some productivity and collaboration tips (tried and tested by DeepLink) that you can share?
    Always look for ways or tools to improve the way your team works together. Always have company wide meetings so that everyone knows what the other teams are doing.