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December 22, 2014

Communication in 2014: Businesses Need to Adapt!

Gary Vaynerchuk Zula Summit

There are many tools and platforms available for internal and external business communication, yet many companies fail to make use of them. Now is the time for businesses to stop ignoring and start adapting! This was the main message given by Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, at the 2014 Zula Summit.


The Importance of Grabbing Attention

We all have our opinions of how we should communicate, but our behaviors are different. In order to get noticed, you can’t jump straight to pushing messages out. The main point to remember is that before you can tell people how great you are, you have to get their attention.

Instagram is one of the best networks for grabbing attention. From the attention standpoint, in 2014, Instagram was like Facebook in 2009. Okay, but what’s the downside? Many companies are missing out because they cant quantify the ROI of 87 hearts. This is similar to the early days of Google Adwords. Gary made use of Adwords and sold a lot of wine while other companies were lightly trying to learn how to use it.

Spending Money vs. Spending Time

Brands typically spend a lot of money on tools to gather data, social media initiatives, efforts to provide good content, and other marketing initiatives. The sign of a good marketer is one who can move the quickest, understand the nature of tools best, extract as much value out of it as possible.

As Gary learns through his practice and application of changing trends, he educates the rest of the market while doing it. He wants them to understand the real commercial funnel of different networks. Fortune 500 companies, typically tell him that they should be like other companies that have gone viral. Gary would tell them that it’s absolutely possible, but there is a difference between the money spend on campaigns and creative efforts, and the process of how it is all carried out. There are also KPIs and ROIs to consider. It’s all about hustling harder and smarter and move on in the early days of new marketing trends. Play the actual game that is going on, instead of the game that is expected.

Core Principals

It’s important to care more about your audience than yourself. Do you have the right strategy? Have you done your research? You would otherwise end up shooting in many different directions.

And remember, it’s okay to make mistakes along the way. As Gary said, “If I’m not failing, then I’m not trying.”


Watch the video below to learn more about how and why businesses need to adapt to communication trends, straight from Gary Vaynerchuk himself!