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October 8, 2013

Exciting Updates From The Zula Team!


Over the last month some great things happened to us at Zula! We participated in TechCrunch Disrupt SF Startup Alley and got selected as “audience choice”. For that we have to again thank all the voters who voted for us. Team communications is an important subject to many and we felt it while talking to you all.  Jacob Ner-David our CEO and Jeff Pulver our Chairman rocked the stage at TechCrunch telling the story behind Zula and presenting it. “Zula is a company which was created with the idea that the world has gone mobile, we all need to communicate as teams” (Jeff Pulver). “We build Zula using Zula, starting off with a basic messaging thread” (Jacob Ner-David).

Here is the article that was published during TechCrunch Disrupt, describing very effectively what Zula is about – Zula’s Mobile First Teamwork Tool Lets You Spend More Time Outside The Inbox

Now probably the most exciting thing for us is our AppStore launch that happened while we were in San Francisco (worry not Android users – Android version is right around the corner). We finally released Zula to the crowds and we have been getting some amazing feedback! If you haven’t downloaded Zula yet we invite you to give it a try !

Last Week, We had the amazing opportunity to  be a part of the Google For Entrepreneurs Global Week with our very special event – Innovine – an Israeli wine-tech festival. The inspiration to create this event came from our CEO, Jacob Ner-David who opened his boutique winery, Jezreel Valley Winery, somewhat in parallel to co-founding Zula. The concept was creating an event that will combine innovation, good wine and great people. Zula is all about helping team of all sizes to communicate more effectively. Behind every startup or winery there is a great team. As a matter of fact a winery is very much a “startup”. Wine-making is entrepreneurial in so many ways – seeing a grape but envisioning a bottle of fine wine. Managing a vineyard and making wine in Israel is not an easy task. With that said, over the last 20 years over 300 wineries of different sizes have been established in Israel. We would like to thank all of the great people that participated in this event. From the wineries to the speakers and the people that helped us organize it. The best part of it was seeing all the happy faces in the even’t album !


We grow with your feedback every day and we continue to work hard and develop Zula. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate app for you to successfully manage your teams! We would love to learn more about your needs so please don’t forget to share them with us : team@zulaapp.com