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June 9, 2015

Graduate Sooner With These 5 Tricks

Graduate Sooner

It’s no secret that daily life brings its own set of demands. These demands leave university students with the need to obtain their degrees much sooner than originally planned, to help increase the odds of landing a better job sooner. But are there ways for students to earn their degrees quickly? Absolutely! Here are some of our top tips!


Stick to the Game Plan

Don’t take classes that you don’t need for graduation. Need to take electives? Okay fine- but keep them to a minimum. You can easily save an entire semester by solely satisfying the core requirements. The only downside to this is that you may not broaden your horizons as you would have by taking extra electives- but at least you’ll graduate earlier!


Transfer those Credits

Did you previously attend another university, and complete some coursework? Go to your departmental advisor, and ask to transfer credits for coursework towards your graduation requirements. You will need to provide a bit of paperwork, such as your previous transcript, and the course descriptions- but it’s worth it.


Save Time By Taking Tests

Are you excellent in a foreign language that is offered in your university? Prove your knowledge by taking a test, and you can instantly earn credits without having to take language courses. That’s one requirement that could easily be checked off. Sure, it will cost money to take the exam, but that fee is nothing compared to the cost of tuition and the time that would be spent taking language classes that aren’t needed.


Drop the Minor

In many universities, minors are only suggested, but not actually required. In life after graduation, you would find that minors are rarely discussed. Ask your advisor if a minor is an absolute requirement that is critical to your field of study. If not, save yourself a semester or two, and drop the minor.


Knock Two Birds with One Stone

Do you have to work while taking classes? Might as well get credit for it. Look for a job that is along the lines of your field of study, and try to receive credits for a work-study experience. It will help you earn your degree faster.