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June 23, 2014

Best Ways to Create a “Green” Office & Save Money Along the Way

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An earlier blog post described the need for having an office space, even with all the most advanced communication tools at our disposal. Today, I want to write about some steps Zula took to make sure our space left as little of a footprint as possible and, hopefully, give our readers some ideas on how they can do the same.

There are many things to take into consideration when building a new office. Your team is likely to spend a lot of time on site, so it’s logical that your workspace is a healthy one. Making sure that your new environment is energy efficient and “green” will help ensure that work is a pleasant place for team members and neighbors alike.

Reduce energy usage

– One of the first things visitors notice is that our entire team works on laptops. Monitors are shut off along with the A/C and lights at the end of the day.

– Our peripherals are kept to a minimum. Our fridge is tiny and our (awesome!) coffee machine is certified Energy Efficient.

– Carpooling is also encouraged, and we have a relatively relaxed policy on work from home.

– An interesting problem came up recently when we realized that outdoor heat was rushing in from an open storage closet located close to our A/C thermostat. This obviously causes a huge increase in energy usage. A solution is in the works.

Reduction of office waste

– One of the first decisions made upon moving into our new office was choosing a coffee machine. Our CEO made sure that we opted for a machine that uses fresh beans instead of plastic capsules.

– We use cloth hand towels instead of paper towels.

– Our office is 100% paperless. No need to worry about recycling paper. We use our app for all communication!

– We each have our own mugs so as to avoid use of plastic or paper cups.

– Needless to say, plastic bottles are recycled.

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Choosing Furniture

– A centrally located wall was painted with whiteboard paint so as to avoid having to eventually throw out a standard whiteboard.

– Our flooring was carefully chosen to be emission free and environmentally compliant.

– Each of our desks are second hand. Our conference room table is fourth hand.

– We are in the process of choosing office plants, which have been proven to lessen stress and reduce air pollutants.

An environmentally conscience office policy is a natural extension of the changes that many of us have made to create a healthier and more economically efficient home, so why not give it a try at work?

Did we forget something? We would love to hear your suggestions!

– Jason