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April 21, 2015

How Technology has Revolutionized the College Experience

Student Infographic

It’s no secret that advances in technology are revolutionizing the university and college experience. There are many apps in existence (and in development) which target college students in this new and fast-paced age of learning. The common thread between each app is the desire to boost student productivity by offering flexible options and feature sets.

At any given time, you would find on-campus, online, and international students effortlessly switching between online/mobile study tools, collaboration apps, and social sites to further their educational goals in an effective manner. Many factors determine the apps they use, such as the devices they have on hand, where they are in the college process, and how comfortable they are with the digital revolution that is slowly taking over many aspects of their coursework.

The following infographic by Campbellsville University highlights how the Internet paved the way to many advances in technology. It ultimately revolutionized the college experience by helping students be more productive and get things done!

College Students Apps Infographic