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January 27, 2015

How YOU Can Loosen Up That Tough Manager

Tough Boss

Is your manager simply impossible to work with? Tough managers are a large reason why many don’t look forward to work every morning. Why are so many managers this way though? Does it have to be the case?

No, it doesn’t have to be case. You actually have a lot more power than you even know, in your own hands to alleviate the situation. Loosening up that tough manager starts with YOU.


Start With Yourself

Evaluate yourself, to ensure that you’re not the source of the problem that is causing frustration for your manager. Maybe your manager is facing grief because you and some other team members aren’t meeting monthly goals. Maybe your behavior on the job is negatively affecting workflow. Think about your strengths, and adjust your weaknesses.


Steer Clear Of Office Gossip

Office gossip has a funny way of making bad situations even worse. Avoid the temptation of talking about your manager behind his/her back. It simply creates additional tension in the air, and the manager will definitely sense it. Plus, you wouldn’t want anyone to be able to quote you on your criticisms, would you?


Ask Your Coworkers For Their Input

Talk to your coworkers, and find out how they handle the strategies and workflows at hand. Their advice will either help you improve yourself, (which will in turn please your manager), or verify that others are struggling in the same ways you are. If the latter turns out to be the case, you may want to consider scheduling a meeting to get to the root of this problem.


Make Your Goals And Priorities Crystal Clear

Transparency is key. It helps avoid the tension that goes along with being given enough credit where it’s due. Set up meetings with your boss to provide an update on projects, and let them give you a clearer understanding of their realistic expectations.


Stop The Problems Before They Start

Anyone who has a good grasp of their job has a good understanding of the triggers that can potentially lead to problems. If you see that those triggers are beginning to formulate – nip them in the bed.


Let It Out

Sometimes, you just have to go straight to your manager to voice your concerns. Just be sure to do this while you’re at a cool state of mind. If you vent using an angry tone – well, that won’t be pleasant. Be professional in your approach, and you will be taken seriously.