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April 6, 2014

Introducing The Zula Blog

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Communication tools have advanced radically over the past few years, yet, the structure of how we use those tools has not changed. We have a plethora of ways to interact, but they are so diffused around the web, that we end up with an increasingly unstructured network. This is particularly problematic in the business community. The next paradigm shift facing the world will solve this problem.

Think of all the tools you use when working on a project with any given team- email, phone calls, messaging, etc… Keeping track of every exchange often feels like a larger challenge then the end goal itself. That is exactly where Zula comes in- to provide a platform for people to work together as a team. Whether that means discussing ideas over team messaging, sharing content, taking a poll, or making a conference call. No phone numbers need be exchanged, no levels of privacy within a group are compromised.

Zula also stands out in that it was designed around mobile, embracing all the opportunities that the BYOD world has to offer. My favorite part of Zula is it’s near elimination of email usage when working with your team. I can’t remember how many times I have tried searching through endless threads of CC’ed emails in the hopes of finding a particular document. Zula organizes all attachments within a team space and makes everything communicated within Zula directly accessible.

You are probably asking yourself what makes Zula different then any other service racing to meet the needs of the modern team. Interestingly enough, it’s the Zula team itself that will make this product the go-to for any project. Zula is headed by Jeff Pulver and Jacob Ner-David, two pioneers in VoIP technology. Behind this duo is an awesome group of engineers and product mavens making Zula’s execution second to none. Zula’s development has grown around the team’s needs themselves. If it’s something we have needed to push the product forward, we’ve made it available to our users as well.

So, when I was recently asked to join Zula in it’s team messaging revolution, I was quick to throw my hat in the ring. In particular, I am looking forward to exploring the exploding world of communication with our fans. This blog will serve as the home base for our ever-evolving conversation. Reader submitted posts will be welcomed in addition to those from guest bloggers from across the technology spectrum.

In that spirit, feel free to respond to this post with any suggestions or questions that you may have for Zula or this blog.

Looking forward!

– Jason


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