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June 19, 2014

Messaging in the News

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After last week’s post covering several examples of how messaging has been used to maintain and subvert state control, we decided to do some research on how messaging is being used in other innovative and less subtle ways to disrupt the way we operate. I found many interesting examples, but I decided to list a few recent stories that particularly stuck out:

1. Police add texting to crisis negotiation arsenal

This one was pretty cool. In the words of the officer featured in the article, him and other police negotiators “always relied on spoken give-and-take, taking cues from a person’s tone of voice, the inflections, emotions. He’d never thought about negotiating via text.” This story, and others, point to the new way peaceful resolutions will be reached in the future.

2. An app to end deadly medical errors

Believe it or not, most hospitals usually rely on two forms of communication: the pager, for messaging, and the white board, for keeping track of who is responsible for which patient on the floor. This could be part of the reason why every year in the US, 100,000 to half a million people die in US hospitals due to preventable medical mistakes.

The new app, Seratis, is hoping to solve messaging and documentation  issues between hospital staff.

3. LG launches premium smart appliances with HomeChat messaging

Ever think you would be able to message your home appliances from your phone? Think again. The article above reports how cooking and cleaning will never be the same.

Know of any more recent, innovative examples of how messaging is being used to change our lives? Let us know!