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April 9, 2014

Mightybell Throws it’s Hat in the Ring

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Mightybell has officially launched it’s social network aimed at allowing users to create communities of like minded people.

Founded in December 2010, Mightybell has already begun testing with notable organizations such as American Express, The Gates Foundation and Lean In, in addition to more than 450 other smaller communities. The social network has been open to the public as of last Thursday.

The company aims to give people the ability to “meet people you should know, not the people already in your address book.”

Mightybell is led by CEO and founder Gina Bianchini and CTO and co-founder Matteo Melani. This is actually Bianchini’s second attempt at small-group social networking. She was CEO and co-founder of Ning, a similar specialized social network platform.

At launch, Mightbell joins the fray of companies such as Yammer, Asana, Slack, and, of course, Zula- each trying to create better ways at group communication. The product reminded me of Facebook groups, Google+ and even Pinterest, however, it offers the ability to create smaller sub-groups in a cleaner way. In addition, Mightybell seeks to differentiate itself with tools for scheduling events, organizing posts into collections, and starting a realtime in-Circle chat. I also thought that the personal introduction prompt was a cute touch.

Bianchini claims that over 30% of group members currently contribute, which would make the network rate of lurking particular low.

Mightybell is currently free for all organizations smaller than 100 members and $2 per user per month for all users over 101.

I can understand why one might be attracted to Mightybell, and the public desire for a better way of group communication is clearly there. However, I personally can’t see myself adding this particular social network to my already inflated list.

– Jason