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January 21, 2015

So Long Snoozefest! How To Keep Your Team Alert

Office Sleeper

Great idea? Check. Great team? Check? Great start to the project? Check. But things have a way of fizzling, don’t they? Why is that?


It’s usually because employees become too distracted by things such as office gossip, the Internet, and social media. We’re not suggesting you put an end to these distractions, but we do have some clever suggestions that will hack into their productivity.


Give ‘Em A Break

No, the lunch break doesn’t count. Allow a 15 minute break every hour or so. This will give employees the time to quickly tend to personal phone calls, text messages, grab a quick beverage, take a smoke break, or stretch. If this becomes the accepted norm, they wouldn’t feel the need to sneak to do it, and they would be quick to finish their tasks every hour to reward themselves with the break.


Build A Good Workflow

Expecting staff to sell 20 units this week? Okay. 40 next week? Tricky, but doable. 80 the following week? Hold your horses!

Determine realistic goals for your team, and build a realistic workflow based on it. Let them chime in as you create these action plans. They are at the frontline after all.


Conduct Stand-up Meetings

It’s easy to doze off in meetings where you’re seated in conference room. The solution? Standing up! We do this often in the Zula HQ, and it’s a hit. You can jazz this up by offering snacks and munchies during stand up meetings also, to keep things interesting. This small gesture will boost the level of enthusiasm and collaboration.


Set up “Phone Free Zones”

It may be a good idea to not allow phones in team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and even break rooms and team lunches. Participants will have no choice but to be alert when they are taking notes by hand, and when they are unable to discreetly browse the web.