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May 30, 2014

Team of the Week: Ku

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This week, we got to sit down with yet another up and coming startup, Ku. We hope you enjoy the interview and the app as much as we did!

What is Ku?

Ku is a gallery of self expression. We started Ku with a mission to motivate people to write. We noticed that there were a lot of tools that could make anyone a great photographer, but there were no tools that made every user a great writer.

When writing with Ku, you have a writing path that allows you to capture moments and thoughts by leading you through three questions based on time, location, and experience. If you would like, you can even add a picture or doodle to personalize your piece.

There is something magical about the 3 line formula: the first line can be about anything in the universe, and then you have a second line which is a totally separate thought, and, finally, a third line that ties them together.

Why did you guys switch names from Heyku?

The change actually came quite naturally. We knew we wanted to change the name and when we heard users referring to the app as “Ku”, we knew that was it.

How long have you been around for?

Since around last April. We started out with an earlier version, obviously, and we just wanted to test the waters with this idea. People really loved it and that led us to where we are now. We’ve since made the experience much more social, visual, and engaging as a result. We currently have around 83k users and growing!

What are some challenges that you guys have faced?

As would be expected in any startup, expanding our community and finding people interested in becoming better writers.

How have you done that?

The different social channels have proven to be very effective. We had a lot of success with a great Tumblr blog called “The Only Magic Left is Art”. Twitter is a big thing for us.

Ku users have been instrumental as well. Many of them are bloggers themselves and they wrote about us.

Our most important focus has been in providing value. Users and evangelists have followed- they are absolutely incredible.

Tell me a little about your communication concerns and needs

We’ve actually been using Zula lately. The voting feature was a great tool when deciding on design options and we also have Spaces for PR and QA.

We also use Whatsapp, Asana, Facebook messenger, and Skype.

It really depends on what we are trying to accomplish.

Whats coming next for you guys?

The next big thing for Ku is our android version! It’s release is less than a month away and we are very excited to penetrate the other half of the mobile market. Right now, we are just a few days away from an update with a completely redesigned user interface, custom hashtags, and the ability to “re-Ku” content that you love! We also have some other great features up our sleeves, but those are a bit further down the horizon…stay tuned!