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September 23, 2014

Team of the Week: Wishi

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Summer’s over and our Team of the Week feature is back! And who better else to start with then the one and only Wishi?!


How long has your startup been around for? Give us some background as to what you do and how you guys have gotten to where you are at.


We started to think about WiShi back in 2010 when Hila Angel and myself still had day jobs. We spent a year working nights and weekends in my garage developing what will later be the first WiShi prototype. We invested our own money in it and when it was ready for release we decided to quit our jobs and dedicate 100% of our time into making this dream a reality.

The idea for WiShi came from Hila’s personal experience having lived with a super stylish roommate who used to get personal styling everyday. That experience helped her feel much better with how she looked and got her to think that providing a platform to enable free enable personal styling could be an amazing solution for woman who need this kind of help. We raised around $2M, and now have offices in TLV, NYC and SF and planning our early 2015 launch.


Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate yourselves?


Although the “fash-tech” space is very crowded, with many startups trying to improve the online fashion shopping experience, we’ve been focusing more on the styling niche, which is still fresh. We have no direct competition yet.


What are some challenges that you guys have faced and how have you overcome them?


I think most startups face the same challenges in building a quality team and in raising funds. We’ve been trying to provide a fun and transparent working environment to attract great people and to keep our amazing team together. For fundraising, we focus on reaching our KPI’S and making sure our metrics are always increasing.


What tools do you use for communication?


We use Whatsapp and Skype to communicate and Jira to communicate about the product and R&D.


Whats coming next for you guys?


We’re now finalizing new products for both tablets and mobile and planning a huge and surprising early 2015 launch. Stay tuned because the coming months are going to get very interesting!

To learn more: http://www.wishi.me