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February 10, 2015

The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Startup Nation


Startup nation is on a roll! In January 2015 alone, startups based in Israel have raked in over $1.3B in funding and acquisitions. But the excitement doesn’t end there! Fast Company unleashed their annual list of most innovative companies- and they dedicated a special section to the Israeli startup scene!

Their list of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Israel features “the companies born in Israel that are changing how we interact with the world.”

The Zula team is pleased to say that we made it on that list! But we’re not here to talk about us. The inclusion helped create a kinship of sorts between us, and all the other companies in the list. So without further ado, we present to you in greater depth:


The Most Innovative Companies in Startup Nation



Salient Eye

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Salient EyeSalient Eye is an app that turns your smartphone into a home security alarm system. It is available for free on Google Play, and is coming soon on the App Store. The app uses the smartphone camera as a motion sensor, which takes a stream of photos and proceeds to send sufficient evidence to the owner via email and SMS on all connected smart devices as it sounds off an alarm. Different setting options also allow the owner to be notified of disconnection from power supplies, loss of network, and low battery.

Why all this for free? Salient Eye believes that home security is a right and not a privilege. Watch the vid below to learn more about Salient Eye, and see it in action.



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MobileODTMobileODT (formerally MobileOCT) recently rebranded to reflect their expanded focus. In addition to their smartphone-connected device being able to provide screening for cervical cancer detection, it is also being used to detect sexual assault documentation. The “ODT” stands for Optimal Detection Technologies.

The innovations of this company have been recognized around the world, and the technology has been awarded time and time again for being able to identify abnormalities in a quick and inexpensive manner, in any setting.

Check out this newly-released vid, which demos this amazing product.



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WebyClipWebyClip is all about targeted video optimization. Their widget crawls through the web to look for videos that go with content on your site based on keywords, or product names in the case of eCommerce sites. It then shows these relevant videos to users on the page. WebyClip then monitors the success of each video (lead-up to product purchases/visitors staying on site longer) to determine relevance, and will make changes as needed. The best thing about WebyClip is that it’s automatic, which is fantastic for eCommerce sites with countless webpages. 

The demo below perfectly captures what WebyClip is all about. The analytical aspect makes this really impressive.



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Bill GuardBillGuard is “the best way to track your spending and protect your card from fraud and errors. 100% free.” The free iOS and Android app makes money management easy by putting all accounts under one roof. Quick swipes allow the account-holder to verify or flag charges, and there is even a map that pinpoints where your cards have been charged, and if the cards are away from the owner. 

With a feature set like that, it doesn’t come as a surprise that BillGuard inked major deals with big names around the world, and has saved countless people time, headache, and money by alerting them of fraudulent charges, even before major retailers became aware of security breaches themselves.

The following video shows how to use BillGuard, though we must say, it’s quite easy to pick up on independently.



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FreightosLogoAs you can guess by the name, Freightos is into the shipping game. But they are not another UPS, Fed-Ex, or DHL. Instead, they help make arrangements to transport and deliver items, factoring many details such as different routes and gas prices. The most updated carrier contracts are available to the end user, so they can stay up-to-date on rates.

Freight services don’t have to be crazy expensive. Freightos helps companies choose from different quotes by selecting specific carriers, agents, and defining rates. Companies ultimately save a large chunk of money each year, not only on shipping, but in labor costs and in the man hours that typically goes into shipping freights. 

This cute video sums up how Freightos operates. The team is very responsive, so don’t hesitate reaching out to them if you have any questions!

ReWalk Robotics

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RewalkLogo6ReWalk helps restore lower-limb mobility to those who lost it from spinal cord injuries and diseases. It’s an exoskeleton that has been certified safe to use by the FDA, and allows users independent controlled walking as it mimics natural patterns to that of an able-bodied person. In turn, this technology also leads to improvements in cardiovascular health, loss of fat tissue, lean muscle mass, and improved bowel function for its users.

This innovation did not come about out of thin air. It was developed by Israeli inventor Dr. Amit Goffer, after he became quadriplegic following an ATV accident. He slowly developed the ReWalk through his own experiences. What an inspiration!

You just have to watch this video to learn more of the magic behind ReWalk!



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MobileyeThe mounted cameras for cars by Mobileye scan surroundings, detect dangers, and automatically brake the vehicle as needed. Major automakers have taken notice, and are beginning to adopt this technology into their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Most companies focus on protecting drivers from collisions, but Mobileye works to avoid collisions altogether by maximizing the safety of all drivers. 

Learn more about the features of Mobileye by watching the video below.



MedAwareMedAware helps uncover errors in drug prescriptions. Different parties such as healthcare providers and pharmacy chains use this service by leveraging big data to provide better risk management. This helps save lives, reduce costs, improve safety and satisfaction of patients, reduce lengths of hospital stays, and improve the efficiency of healthcare. in indicated in their website, they truly are a “spellchecker for medical prescriptions.”

The following video by OurCrowd explains more about MedAware, and also provides some surprising facts and figures.


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ElmindaElMindA strives to make waves in the management of brain disorders and injuries through the transformation of neuroscience into bedside clinical practice. Their BNA™ Analysis system serves as a direct measure of neural activity, and it’s algorithms use innovative sets of signal processing and pattern recognition to spot neural pathways. Clinicians can then use this data to accurate profile brain functionality/dysfunctionality, and help assist in follow-up of changes in disease progression or response to interventions.

It’s actually impossible to explain the wonder that is BNA™. Just watch this silent vid, and you will understand just how amazing this technology really is.