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December 9, 2014

The 4 Pain Points of Team Communication

Zula Summit Panel

Team communication in the workforce has its fair share of pain points. Employees find themselves juggling multiple tools, and the messaging itself becomes fragmented over time.

We discussed these pain points, and more in our panel in the 2014 Zula Messaging Summit in New York.

The panel, titled “So How Are We Really Communicating?” was moderated by Hillel Fuld, CMO of Zula. The insightful panelists were:

  • Jay Yarow – Deputy Editor | Business Insider
  • Ari Zoldan – CEO | Quantum Networks
  • Jack Mark – CTO | Mobile Heartbeat
  • Danny Schultz – Co Founder and Managing Director | Gotham Ventures

The big question of the evening was: How would you improve tools that you use for communication?

Email Woes

Instant messaging, email, and social networks such as Twitter are most commonly used by Jay Yarow. Although email is of significant importance, he claims that a lot of people just don’t get it, which is a problem that needs to be solved. Google created Inbox, but that service didn’t necessarily solve problems. The panelists agreed that there needs to be a way to effectively go through emails without wasting hours at a time.

Support From the Team

Ari Zoldan has tried multiple applications to make workflows easier for himself and his team, but none of them actually stuck for the long haul. In terms of uniform communications, he noticed that everybody had a preference for different apps. Zoldan commented that one of the biggest managerial challenges is figuring out how to get teams willing to adopt a service to accomplish anything. It clearly takes more than just presenting the service to them.

Storage and Fragmented Information

The biggest challenge for Jack Mark is that he receives thousands of emails within short time frames, and people frequently ask him to dig up particular ones from months, or even years ago. Email is the lowest common denominator that everyone uses. Because of his need to hold onto these emails, Mark finds himself storing them on hard drives. This makes it easier to search for messages that are many years old. Despite his records and intense storage of emails – the information is still not complete. Other services such as Dropbox contain information that is not stored on the emails, and the information ends up getting lost in the mix.

Too Many Apps

On a similar note, Danny Schultz spoke about the intense usage of email, but still feels it isn’t appreciated. There are many functionalities within Gmail, which he feels many have yet to tap into. Schultz mentioned that there are a number of tools that can be used satisfactorily, but confusion arises when multiple apps that are being used actually offer similar functionalities. Simplicity is the key.


Each of our panelists have a lot of experience in enterprises and team communication. Watch the video below to learn more about their experiences, and the pain points of team communication.