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May 5, 2014

The New Face of Social


While some were originally skeptical about the latest trend of messaging apps,  Facebook’s purchase of Whatsapp in February for $19 billion solidified the genre as more than a trend. This new crop of apps expands by the day and does not seem to be tapering off in the near future.

If you were having trouble trying to get a handle on what these developments mean and where they may be headed, IPG LABS has produced a white paper detailing the history of messaging and mapping out the present landscape.

Particularly interesting to note is the rush of several services into the market, each attempting to cater to a different need. Additionally, users seem to have no problem utilizing a variety of these applications simultaneously.

Picture 121

IPG LABS even goes so far as labeling messaging apps as the “new face of social media.” This is demonstrated by the incorporation of messaging into Facebook & Instagram. The essential difference being the one-to-one and relatively intimate experience offered by the apps.

How these platforms are adopted by brands will determine much of how the race for market domination unfolds.

“Our experience has shown that people may not crave advertising, but they do want to connect with their favorite retailers, celebrities, sport teams, and more over messaging apps.”

Moreover, what holds true for advertising in social media, will hold true for messaging: users will reject what seems like fabricated, inauthentic interaction.

The report is available to the public and I recommend anyone interested in the future of communication to check it out here.