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February 17, 2015

Triberr and Scoutle: Team Collaboration Within and Between Companies

Triberr Dino Dogan

It feels like it was only yesterday when we featured Triberr on our blog for their team communication and collaboration practices. Well it was a good thing that we got a hold of them then, because after weeks of teasers, Triberr announced that they acquired the semantic search engine, Scoutle. You can read more about that in their official press release.

Between great services and outstanding visions on teamwork and collaboration, the masterminds behind Triberr and Scoutle have a lot going for them, and their success doesn’t come as a surprise.

The Winning Combination

As soon as we heard about this acquisition, we realized how perfect the combination truly is. Triberr is an influencer marketing platform. It’s like a social network for bloggers of different interests to easily post and share each others content. Scoutle developed a search engine algorithm that “ranks content by quality, virality, and relevance without the need for any user-generated action.”

The combination of the two will grant Triberr users the functionality of predicting the quality, virality, and relevance of content that is being presented to them. What does this mean? According to Triberr CEO, Dino Dogan, “From the curation perspective, we will be better able to match people with the kind of content they actually want to consume.”

The Magic Behind Scoutle’s Technology

When asked about developing semantic algorithms, Godfried Van Loo, the Founder of Scoutle replied with an interesting simile,

“Developing self-learning semantic algorithms is like raising a a bunch of kids. Feed them with curiously, energy and both relevant as well as irrelevant experiences so they can decide what matters most, but always keep an eye on what they’re doing, what boundaries they’re crossing, and feel the responsibility to correct them when they go wrong. It’s the bigger family picture you’re after, making sure that with your guidance, they’re doing better than you could have ever done yourself.”

Teamwork and Collaboration

But his unique vision wasn’t all it took for Scoutle to make it big. Like Triberr, the Scoutle team was, and continues to be big on teamwork and team spirit. Van Loo said,

“Team members should be proud to work with you, although you’ll always need a common vision to make sure everybody is looking at the same horizon. The challenge is to make your vision, the common vision. You’ll achieve this, by making sure that they feel they can claim ownership over their work and know, the rest of the team is aware of their great achievements. It will make them proud over their work, and allow them to create sub-visions of the one bigger vision you explained them first. Automatically, these sub-visions will generate a common vision, because when you add them all up… it’s the vision you initially started off with.”

Release of the New and Improved Triberr

The release of the new and improved Triberr was originally set to be live in the summer, but in all honesty, the world is just too excited about it, so the team is working round-the-clock to roll out the new features as soon as possible. So stay tuned. We sure will!


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