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January 26, 2015

Trouble Brewing? Here’s How To Get Your Team Back On Track!

Team Back on Track

In theory, it appears as though it’s easier to work with teams than to go solo. In practice, it takes coordination, cooperation, and collaboration on the part of each team member to efficiently achieve goals.

But what happens when trouble starts to brew, and your team is beginning to lose momentum? Is it possible to get back on the right path before the problems intensify? Absolutely!


Here are 3 tips that will help you get your team back on track:


Address How Issues Affect The Goal

Reinforce why the team is here in the first place – to achieve a goal! Everyone has strengths to bring to the table. When these forces combine, magic should happen. Magic that could not be done by working alone.

Once problems come up, they distract or take the team away from the goal. You should ask your team what the issue is, and share your thoughts on why you think it is taking everyone away from what should be their main focus.


Get To The Bottom Of Things

Do not let your team implode. Step up, ask the hard questions, and work to resolve the conflict once and for all. It may make everyone uncomfortable at first, but the greatest benefit to this effort is the end result: improved morale, clarity, and a better working relationship. These improvements will lead to greater efficiency.


Discuss Roles And Tasks

It’s easy to make assumptions about what different members of the team would or should be in charge of, based on their current job title and responsibilities. However, you should ask your team members of ways they would like to contribute. The Sales Manager might be great for research and development. The Marketing Specialist might be great for design. Make an effort to get to know your team at a deeper level, so you can gauge their strengths.