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June 5, 2013

Welcome To The Zula Blog

intro post

The ‘What’ Blog?

Let’s start by introducing you to our favorite word – Zula. 

“Zula” is a slang word used to describe a state of relaxation or a comfortable place.

What does this word mean to us? We live in a very dynamic era. Mobile technologies enable us to seamlessly blend our work and personal lives and individuals are changing their workstyles to become more flexible.  This creates a greater expectation for people to remain connected and in touch while on the go. Putting Zula in the context of team collaboration and business communication is about creating an optimal mobile place for people to collaborate, manage their work and be more productive, even when they’re not meeting in person. The Zula App provides an environment for immediate, effective communication, enabling people to do great things together, wherever they are.

A little about us

Not long ago, we started the journey of creating our Zula. A place for our team to work and collaborate better, no matter where each of us was. We are now at the final stages of completing the product and very excited that we can soon share it with you. The Zula app is built from the ground up to follow individuals and teams that work together as they are today: Mobile. If you’d like to know more and sign up for our beta, visit our website at www.zulaapp.com

In this blog we will share useful resources on mobile teamwork and collaboration, show how workplaces and technology are continually evolving as we become increasingly mobile, how this affects the way we balance work and life and other fun stuff.

Team of the Month

Every month we will feature a new team, share their story and search for new insights about collaboration in today’s hectic work environment.

We hope you stick around!