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September 8, 2013

Who Is On My Team? Dealing With Outdated Concepts Of Work, Play, and Life.


From the personal blog of Zula’s CEO – Jacob Ner-David – “Entrepreneur to VC and Back


jacob1As many of you know, I have been focused in the past year on team communication, and very proud that soon Zula, Inc. will release iPhone and Android based service to the world (more platforms to follow). Like all good ideas, this one is not alone. Almost a year ago, when Jeff Pulver and I took a decision to pivot what we were working on to center on the need for a new paradigm in team communication, not many people were talking about it. Now there are some nice competitors to look at, which is better than being alone, believe me. But when I look at some of our competitors, I am bemused that many forward thinking people still are stuck on outdated concepts of team, and of work. For that matter play and life, and how they intersect with work. Too many are still looking at hard divisions between work and play. Also coming out with products for team communication that require you to be part of the same “organization” as your team members. But life is not so binary anymore. We don’t only belong to one team, to one organization. We “know” people from many different touch points, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, and yes, even G+ (there are a few diehards out there). Teams get formed on a constant, ad hoc basis, and for many of us we spend much of our time interacting with folks who do not have the same domain name in their email address. In other words, teams today are not internal creations — they are dynamic situations, with team members being invited through the different mediums of our digital lives.