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March 9, 2015

Why Don’t People Like Teamwork?


“Teamwork” has a positive connotation to it, but oftentimes brings discomfort to participants. From work, to school, to the organization of events- once ‘teamwork’ is mentioned, there’s tension in the air. Why is that?

The Troubles of Teamwork


People Don’t Play Fair 

It’s not uncommon for a small group (or a single person) to do most of the work. This causes long-term resentment, especially when everyone ends up receiving equal recognition. The unfairness also acts as a seed that grows into a series of potential conflicts that can take place long after the project is over.


Too Many Loners

Some people simply refuse to work in a team. Or maybe they are just terrible at communicating with others. The bottom line is that they work- but they do so totally on their own. They don’t update everyone else on their progress, which makes it trickier for the team to connect the dots. The lack of communication typically creates an odd disconnect between themselves and the rest of the team.


Thinking Inside The Box 

There comes a point in which most people are so consumed with thinking a certain way which they feel would be best accepted, that they stop thinking creatively or outside-the-box. Some shy voices may have great thoughts in their minds, but are hesitant to share because they are not certain of how it would be received. This behavior prevents the team from moving forward.


Wasted Time/Resources

Sometimes things end up taking longer than they have to. This is especially the case with larger teams. And even moreso the case when team members are in different locations. Different processes are often set in place between different members, which causes delays each step along the way. Such delays can also lead to added expenses in terms of software, equipment, and working hours.


The Solution

Despite all the troubles of teamwork mentioned above- the experience itself can actually be made enjoyable. With the help of technology, that is. Team members should use their smart mobile devices to remove all communication barriers, and get straight to business. It is now easier than ever to pull everyone in to brainstorm, collaborate, share important information, and keep everyone in the loop. People will feel inclined to be more involved, and people with more reserved personalities will feel more comfortable to express their thoughts. Best part of all? It’s a major time-saver! The pairing of technology and teamwork is a win-win!