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May 4, 2015

Why Job-Hopping May Not Be So Bad

Job-hopping pros and cons

The Pros and Cons of Job-Hopping


What Baby Boomers Have to Say

Baby Boomers and Millennials have different views when it comes to job-hopping. The Baby Boomers feel it simply looks bad on the resume to leave one job for another in less than 5 years. They generally view job-hopping Millennials as a group that lacks loyalty that may have a tendency to burn bridges.

What Millennials Have to Say

Though it does make sense, one can’t say Millennials are completely in the wrong. Millennials that job-hop expose themselves to more diverse experiences in a shorter time span. They also land better networking opportunities through these experiences, which ultimately leads to higher compensation between job.

Job Hopping: Good or Bad?

So does that mean Millennials are doing the right thing by job-hopping? Not necessarily. The more they job-hop, the more potential employers would be hesitant to hire them. Even upon being hired, the potential job-hoppers would likely be the first to go in case of a downsizing. After a certain point, they would also be at a standstill in terms of professional growth, due to bouncing between jobs too soon for too long.

Job-hopping in general isn’t all that bad, so long as the practitioner proceeds with caution and does so in moderation. They have to factor their industry and networks (which is interconnected in many cases.)

The infographic by Ajilon below includes insightful facts and stats on the pros and cons of job-hopping.


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